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How to serve Biltong?

I am often looking for new quality products and lately I came across an exceptional dried beef. The practicality of the dried meat is also an important element, when I have little time to eat at noon, I enjoy eating 100 gr of dried meat with for example a handful of organic almonds and an apple or 150 gr ‘fresh pineapple. Often the dried meat remains too fat, contains added sugar and is much, but then much, too salty, moreover it often contains several preservatives. The taste and quality of this organic meat from a butcher’s shop in Graubünden convinced me to offer you a post about the nutritional value of beef when it was prepared according to the rules of the art. not bacon. I recently discovered Andy Mark’s organic dried meat from Schiers – Lunden (GR). This is the Lamborghini of dried meat. I would also like to acknowledge his support and his particular commitment to the sporting world. I highly recommend a visit to his website (