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How to serve Biltong?

Biltong is a very versatile snack. It’s high protein and low in calories, however, there are many other ways biltong can be enjoyed besides snacking.  When eating food that is good for us, we often assume healthy food will not be as delicious and inviting as indulgent snacks, but with biltong, this is not the case.  Biltong is nut-free, dairy-free, grain-free, sugar free, low carb and gluten free.

Here are some biltong serving suggestions for you to get creative:-


Eat biltong on the run, after a workout or just in between meals keeping you satisfied in a healthy and nutritious way.  It’s a great snack at sporting events, while watching a movie or meeting with friends, you decide where and when.



Create your own charcuterie platters for entertaining at home or taking to friends and family.  Add all your favourites to your biltong and dry wors / droewors charcuterie platters, the choices are endless to make your perfect platter. Select various combinations from hummus, olives, cheese, fresh fruits, dried fruits and dates, relishes, dips, nuts, savoury crackers and chips.


School lunches

Parents and child care providers are always searching for something healthy and delicious for their children’s lunchbox.  Nutritious and tasty, biltong is an excellent option for lunch boxes that will get your children asking for more!


Savoury muffins

Add a handful or so of thinly sliced biltong to your savoury muffin mixture and bake.  Serve with butter, cheese or whatever your heart desires.  Yum!


Biltong Cake

A biltong cake is actually a savoury bread that is iced with soft creamy cheese and decorated with biltong and dry wors.  The drywors is placed and secured around the “cake” with sliced biltong piled on top.  Decorate according to the occasion, this is a great and new idea for a birthday, celebration or gift.  Delicious, impressive and ideal for meat lovers.


Biltong and cheese quiche

The secret to a delicious quiche is the perfectly fluffy and savoury egg; cheese and milk filling.  For a new and exciting spin on the traditional French quiche, add the cheese of your choice and some thinly sliced biltong.  Bake and enjoy!


Biltong salad

Perfect for lunch or a light evening meal, add sliced biltong to healthy and fresh salad ingredients such avocado, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and lettuce.  Drizzle with your favourite salad dressing, perfect for hot days and evenings.

So now you can get creative with biltong… add it to creamy potato bakes, on top of your pizza or simply snack while you’re shopping.


Biltong is healthy, nutritious and high protein… move over protein bars and high calorie snacks, BILTONG is in town!


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